Civil Engineering Solutions

We offer professional services ranging from Structural Health Monitoring, Building Information Modeling, Computer Vision Object Recognition, Computational Engineering and Simulation and Aerial Photogrammetry.

Structural Health Monitoring

Our optimized sensor networks and data acquisition technology enable customized solutions and improve structural reliability through the whole project life period.

Building Information Modeling

We develope modeling plugins for commonly used software and offer highly automated modeling service including parametric modeling.


Computer Vision Object Recognition

Our deep-learning software is specalized in object recognition out of point clouds, image and videos.

Computational Engineering & Simulation

We are highly expereinced in complex structural analysis and simulation with commonly used software and provide our developed plugins.


Aerial Photogrammetry

Our well-equipped system along with high-performance computer enable generation of Point Cloud, Digital Surface Model, Digtal Orthophoto Map and Digital Elevation Model at precise resolution.

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